Personalized Team Mugs – A Diverse Team Wins

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Personalized Team Mugs – A Diverse Team Wins

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Create a set of personalized team mugs to celebrate the individuals connected through a team or a specific project. Team members who have team mugs develop a sense of solidarity and belonging. These mugs help create an atmosphere where teamwork is valued, smash the barriers of hierarchy enforcing the point that “A Diverse Team Wins”, or express appreciation to the individuals who worked really hard together to make a specific project successful.

One side of the team mug (11 oz) features a team member's name, personalized through your choices of design, font, font size, while the other displays a design of "A Diverse Team Wins" and your team's name.

Whether you enjoy your coffee all around the same table or in different time zones, let the team mug lighten up your mood, boost morale, improve team spirit and bring back memories of the past successful group projects.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy

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