Create your publication mug as easy as ...

To start, click "Customize" button on the "Create Your Publication Mug" product page.
Step 1. Upload Your Paper's PDF file
Select "My gallery" -> "Upload your image/PDF" -> "PDF". Since the software needs to upload and separate each page in the PDF file, this process may take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Please be patient. 
Important: To make the text in your paper more legible after printed on the mug, using the scale tool (red arrow pointed) to scale your paper up to cover about half side of the mug. 
Step 2. Personalize Your Design & Message
Select "Clipart and images", then choose a pre-made design.
Scale and place it on the other half side of the mug.
Select "Text" to create your custom message.
Step 3. See Your Publication Mug in Real-time 3D
Click to open "3D PREVIEW" at the bottom-left corner.
If you are satisfied with your design, click "ADD TO CART" button to put your design to the shopping cart.