The Golden Ratio Pint Glass, 16oz
The Golden Ratio Pint Glass, 16oz

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The Golden Ratio Pint Glass, 16oz

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In mathematics, the golden ratio (φ)  is a special number approximately equal to 1.618. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.  The golden ratio often appears in geometry, art, architecture, and other areas. As matter of fact, some twentieth-century artists and architects proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio, believing this to be aesthetically pleasing. 

Nothing can replace a pint glass except for another pint glass. These highly popular 16oz long and transparent pint glasses are highly versatile. They can make for a great gift for almost every occasion, and are bound to be used in any household. People who love math, art, geometry, and architecture would appreciate the golden ratio pint glass and find it pleasing. 

* One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
* Material: clear glass
* BPA free
* Hand wash only
* Durable construction