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A complete guide to college graduation

Among life’s major milestones, few are as momentous as college graduation. The graduation ceremony is a BIG deal! Here is a complete guide to help you be your best on this special day! Congrats, and enjoy reading!

What dress is appropriate to wear at a college graduation ceremony?

At a graduation ceremony, it’s always safe to dress somewhat formally. It can be considered inappropriate to wear something too flashy/showy. You don’t want to overdress, but you don’t want to underdress either. Wearing jeans and a tank top would be considered underdressing. And wearing a full-on ball gown would not be any better. Many women graduates would wear a classic midi dress, while the men graduates usually show in a button-up and tie. Get something you would wear to someone’s anniversary party.

what to wear at college graduation ceremony


How to wear Your College Graduation Regalia | Cap & Gown?

Don’t know how to wear a regalia? We got you covered. Here is a great video showing you how to correctly wear your graduation regalia (cap & gown) on your graduation day. For the cap, make sure that the pointy end is facing back. Bachelors, your tassel stays on the right until you graduate – when graduating, you’ll toss them to the left!

How To Wear a Bachelor's Cap and Gown


What to expect at a college graduation/commencement ceremony?

A college graduation/commencement ceremony is an exciting formal event where the graduates will be recognized individually and diplomas are distributed. Here are things to expect so you can be prepared on this big day!

college graduation ceremony

  • There will be a lot of people including the graduates, their families and friends, faculty members, and other college representatives. In other words, there’ll be a large crowd in town. If you are going to go out to eat on graduation day, make sure you have reservations in advance.
  • The ceremony usually lasts about a few hours. Most universities have about 3-4 ceremonies to go through. So make sure you attend the right one on time.
  • Usually, once all graduates/ university staff and board members are seated, the vice-chancellor or president of the academic board gives a brief welcome address to the audience. One of the most memorable and inspirational speeches perhaps is the commencement address delivered by a well-known alumnus or someone famous. You’ll also hear a valedictory address from a student representative who usually gives a heartfelt speech about their experience over the past years.
  • The most important part of the commencement ceremony is walking the stage. Once you hear your name called, walk across the stage to shake the Chancellor’s hand and pose for a picture. This is when you hear your family and friends cheer as loud as possible. You might even hear various congratulatory sounds, such as little horns being sounded, or cowbells being rung. 
  • Once you return to your seat, move your tassel to your left to indicate that you’ve graduated!
  • Bring tissues! You’ll probably need them. Commencement ceremony can be emotional because it certainly marks the end of a journey of years of hard work and signals the start of a bright future which however can include some uncertainty. But just remember to truly enjoy this happy and proud moment for all involved in the ceremony.

What are the best college graduation party ideas?

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to graduation parties. Here are some of the most popular ideas:

What are the best college graduation party ideas?

  • Have a food bar with desserts, nachos, pizza, drinks, whatever you want!
  • Set up a backdrop with curtains or find a good place to take pictures. You’ll want to capture the memories!
  • Put your graduation photo on a stick and place it in your front yard for everyone to admire!
  • Graduation balloons are a nice addition to your house to brighten the atmosphere. Amazon sells some cute balloons for a cheap price.
  • Make a wisdom jar for graduates! Have guests write inspiring quotes or advice and place them in a jar.

How to create college graduation announcements?

A graduation announcement is a card to announce a graduate’s academic achievements. It is not an invitation to attend the graduation ceremony. It provides details about the graduate’s degree and achievement.

What are the minimum details that a graduation announcement should include?

  • The graduate’s full name
  • A declaration that the graduate is graduating
  • The college name
  • Academic degree
  • Class year or graduation date
  • Honors if applicable

Who should get a graduation announcement?

  • The graduate’s immediate family members
  • The extended family
  • Any friends and mentors that the graduate think important, such as close friends from schools and teachers and mentors who really made a difference in their life.

Looking for best college graduation ideas?

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