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About Us

Just like you, we first got attracted to science because of a general curiosity about the world and universe. And then like many of you, our interest in science grew and we soon found ourselves in graduate school. Yes, as you guessed, we are a group of PhDs and Masters who received their degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and healthcare fields. 

After graduate school, some of us stayed in academia continuing to do research and publishing papers; some left academia for industry working on the business side managing life science products, and others changed career paths to attend medical school and eventually became a medical doctor. 

Through our journeys of searching our purposes in science related careers, we have had many struggles and failures, learned lessons big or small, and gained invaluable insights. Over the years, we have changed and matured at both personal and career levels. Despite our divergent career paths, one thing that remains the same is our love for science. Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed the exponential growth in STEM and healthcare fields and the significant impact brought to people’s daily lives. On the other hand, however, despite significant increase of funding in both academia and private sectors, scientists especially in academia still get paid significantly less than many professionals in other fields. 

Therefore, we felt a strong urge to create a platform. The mission of the platform is to celebrate and promote STEM and healthcare within and outside of the research community, honor scientists, and share our most important career insights and resources with early career researchers to help them best prepare for their future. This is how ScienceGrit was born.