About Us

You are attracted to science because you have a general curiosity of the world/universe, an urge to search for answers or make new discoveries or a desire to challenge yourself intellectually. As you move along in your science career path, like every other profession, doubt and setbacks are bound to happen. The frustration and disappointment from the daily work can be overwhelming, demotivating, and demoralizing.

ScienceGrit’s mission is to help you celebrate the successes defined by you, remind you of the positives that are often overlooked, and acknowledge the collaborations leading to great discoveries that otherwise would be impossible if done alone.

Looking through the lens of the entire global scientific community, our cumulative knowledge is fascinating in its own right, but also has tremendous practical implications for human health and global sustainability. This is a thrilling and historic time to be a scientist, as many fields in science are moving ahead at breakneck speed. The impact you make with your colleagues around the world in the history of science is much longer-lived than we can possibly imagine. And we know that the journey to achieve the impact may not be easy. ScienceGrit is here to cheer you up when you feel down and celebrate your achievements and collaborations when they are due. After all, together we can make science progress faster and make the world a better place!