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Cell Phone Thin Magnet
Cell Phone Thin Magnet

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Cell Phone Thin Magnet

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Prepare to make a call in cell style! The "Cell-Phone" takes the nostalgia of an old-fashioned phone and adds an extraordinary twist! Featuring a whimsical rotary dialer, this unique creation takes things to the next level by incorporating a real cell at its core. You can peer into the fascinating world of cellular structure as you dial your way through numbers. Watch in awe as the intricacies of a cell's composition are revealed, from the nucleus to the mitochondria, all while effortlessly making your calls.  

The high quality magnet offers an effortless and effective way to spread great ideas by displaying it on any metallic surface. With its strong and fast holding power, this magnet boldly showcases your message for everyone to notice.

  • Flexible white vinyl
  • Black magnetic backing
  • Size: 3’’ x 3’’
  • 0.02" (0.5mm) thick and lightweight
  • Made and printed in the USA