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Don't Drink Cell Culture Media Sticker

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Don't Drink Cell Culture Media Sticker

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When scientists isolate cells, organs, or tissues from living creatures for further research, they must keep them alive in an appropriate artificial environment that mimics their in vivo environment. Typically, they use a cell culture medium to do that.
A typical culture medium consists of a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, glucose, and serum as a source of growth factors, hormones, and attachment factors. Besides nutrients, the medium also helps maintain pH and osmolality.

They are a few different kinds of cell culture media depending on the composition for different purposes. But most of the media include phenol red as a pH indicator, which allows constant monitoring of pH. This gives the media a very pretty red color, as just shown in the sticker. Looks like a nice drink, does it? From personal experience, I can say that it tastes exactly like saline (JUST KIDDING!!!!) In all seriousness, DON'T DRINK THE CELL CULTURE MEDIA! That's the message/point of the sticker.

This sticker is printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl, with beautiful glossy finish. The vinyl protects the sticker from scratches. Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

• High opacity film
• Super durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use
• A perfect addition to any water bottle, journal, laptop, or wherever you like
• Size: 3'' x 3''